who's behind?

about us

founder and director

rania mazbouh

Rania Mazbouh, a broadcaster for more than 16 years, presented many art and entertainment programs in Beirut and Dubai, with new, Mbc, Alaan tv
In addition to presenting many concerts for the most important artists in the Arab world.

I reached a place where I wanted to take advantage of my name with a job that I could benefit from and benefit my followers on Social Media.

For more than 3 years, I have been working and researching my project, how can I implement it with a twist with a modern touch. It is time to announce it.

sharing my love with you.

why roses?

Let roses be the centerpiece of your home decor. With their timeless beauty, they add a touch of elegance and joy to any room. Create a unique style that reflects your personality by experimenting with various floral arrangements.

It was a dream and now its reality.

let us deliver love

fleurs de velours goal

I would like roses to come to every home... They celebrate the special time and place, like a moment of love, returning from travel after absence, graduation, roses expressing friendship... Mother's Day, Teacher's Day...
Every person has a dream that he strives to achieve, even if it takes him years... In the end, if you really love this dream from your heart, it will come true.... The universe itself will respond to your dream
Have hope... Don't despair even if things are going to be the opposite of what you want...

we need heart beat rush!

vision and mission

I want everyone to experience the timeless beauty of preserved roses specially when they share them with their loved ones.

We would like to celebrate love and happiness with every place sharing our memories and moments with the beloved ones. Our project is a goal for spreading positivity and happiness in each home and corner.

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